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About Us
Providing Orange County With Exceptional Plumbing Since 2015

About The Owner

Brandon Carlson was born in Bakersfield, California, and has spent the majority of his life in Southern California.

At seventeen, he began working in the plumbing trade with a crew that showed him the ropes, and he discovered that he enjoyed the work. He then founded Carlson Plumbing in 2015 to provide excellent service to Orange County and the surrounding communities.

Brandon has over twenty years of experience and graduated from the National Institute of Technology with a diploma in plumbing. He has worked in all aspects of plumbing over the years, including new construction, commercial, and residential.

Brandon has brought his years of expertise to his company and is eager to share his knowledge with his team. As a family-owned and operated business, Carlson Plumbing places a premium on honesty and integrity, as well as on providing excellent service at a reasonable price. From residential plumbing services to industrial kitchens, they have been able to accomplish it all.

Customers can be confident that Carlson Plumbing has the skills to handle any plumbing issues they may encounter, and that their property will be treated with care.

When he’s not helping his customers, Brandon enjoys fly fishing and surfing. In his spare time, he is either by the ocean or making bamboo fishing rods and tie flies. Brandon lives in Orange County, with his wife Dione and their daughter.

About Our Staff

Jennifer Ward is our Dispatcher/Customer Service Manager/Office Lady (as the guys call her). She has over 20 years of experience in customer service and enjoys helping our customers and team. She started out as a customer when her water heater was leaking badly. She found Carlson Plumbing to fix her water heater and was really impressed with the experience. After several years as a customer she asked if Brandon could use help with the phones and here we are! She enjoys karaoke, spending time with her family/friends and loves to paint.

Our team of licensed specialists are standing by to take your call!