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Checking sewer manhole with borescope inspection camera.

How Video Sewer Line Inspections Identify Hidden Issues and Save You Money

Sewer line inspections can be a very cost-effective solution to plumbing issues. They allow professionals to locate potential problem area without digging up pipes. Instead, the plumbers typically perform these tasks using special sewer cameras.

How Do Sewer Line Inspections Work?

Sewer line inspections involve the use of a hand-operated camera that is fed manually through your pipes. The camera is affixed to the end of a reel that is pushed or pulled manually by the plumber conducting your inspection. The camera includes a small light that allows the person operating it to see what is within your pipes. These cameras have the ability to go as deep as 175 feet below the access point, which is typically a toilet or drain. It records video footage of your sewer line and stores it for analysis by a professional.

Sewer issues can be caused by a number of different things, like tree roots, normal wear and tear, and debris that has built up over time. These problems can be difficult to detect before it’s too late, but a sewer camera inspection helps provide you with an accurate diagnosis so that you can speed up the repair process.

Inspections can help detect obstructions like plant and tree roots that have penetrated through cracks in your sewer line, collapsed areas of the line, grease or oil buildup, and objects that have been accidentally flushed. Not only can these inspections help detect critical plumbing issues, but they can also help save you money.

Camera Inspections Are Less Invasive

Sewer camera inspections are less invasive than traditional inspections, which means that your property doesn’t have to be disrupted as much. Because of this, there is no need for excavating your property, and repairs can be made quickly with less cleanup after the work is done. Not having to clean up a yard or flooring that was dug through to access your sewer line leaves more money in your pocket.

Sewer Line Inspections Help Keep Small Issues From Becoming Big Problems

When you conduct a sewer line inspection with a camera, plumbers can detect emerging issues, so you can fix the problem quickly and cost effectively. For example, small cracks in your sewer line can become a huge problem if they are not fixed promptly.

Having your sewer lines inspected can help ensure that potential issues are addressed quickly to help you avoid as many repairs as possible. If you need a sewer line inspection in Fountain Valley or elsewhere in Orange County, CA, contact our professionals at Carlson Plumbing. We can handle sewer line replacement and repair, drain cleaning, leak detection, and much more.

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