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5 Interesting Facts About the Advancement of Drain Cleaning Technology

The evolution of drain cleaning technology has progressed from rudimentary tools to the sophisticated mechanical solutions that modern plumbers depend on. The evolution of such technology is a testament to how far we have come in clearing the debris from our pipes. Here are some astonishing facts about drain cleaning technology.

1. First Tools Were Augers and Snakes

The history of drain cleaning technology dates back to around the 19th century. The tools used during this time were manual augers and plumber’s snakes. These were nothing more than a simple metal spring or wire placed into pipes and moved around to break up clogs. While still in use today, these tools are often not as effective at breaking up more stubborn blockages as some of the more modern methods.

2. Motorized Drain Cleaners

Motorized drain cleaners came on the scene around the mid-20th century and revolutionized the plumbing industry. These devices encompass a motor that rotates a snake or cable that is attached to a blade. These tools are fed into the pipes like their manual counterparts, are highly effective at removing stubborn clogs, and require less manual labor to operate than manual augers and snakes.

3. High-Pressure Solutions

Around the same time power tools were created, high-pressure solutions like hydrojetting came onto the scene. This technology is even more revolutionary because it allows plumbers to blast debris out of pipes with little effort. High-pressure solutions not only clear clogs but also remove all residue from the insides of pipes that can cause future blockages. Hydrojetting also limits any damage that could occur to pipes during clog removal using other methods.

4. Video Inspection Tools

Inspections to locate clogs and leaks are much more efficient now because plumbers can use video inspection tools. These tools consist of cameras attached to long metal rods. These rods are fed into the pipes, allowing plumbers to have a clear view of what is happening, locate clogs easily, and offer targeted solutions for eradicating them.

5. Eco-Friendly Chemicals

In the past, only caustic chemicals were available. While these chemicals still exist, experts recommend against them because they are highly corrosive and can damage pipes. Now, eco-friendly drain cleaning chemicals are available that can break down clogs without harming the plumbing.

These technological advancements enable plumbers to help homeowners maintain their plumbing systems so that they continue to perform well. Experts recommend scheduling professional drain cleaning annually to keep plumbing in top shape. If you have not scheduled drain cleaning services for your Fountain Valley, CA home this year, contact Carlson Plumbing today.

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