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Safety Tips for Cleaning Drains

Whether you’re attempting to use chemical drain cleaners or another solution, there are certain risks associated with cleaning a drain by yourself. If you’re not a professional plumber, you could accidentally damage the piping or cause clogging issues to get worse. It’s possible for toxic fumes to enter your home without the right safety measures in place. To avoid the dangers of drain cleaning, adhere to the following safety tips.

Wear Protective Clothing

In order to prevent injuries from chemicals and other hazards, wear personal protective equipment (PPE). For instance, wearing goggles or face shields can protect your face from being damaged by chemical splashes. Make sure you remove any necklaces or jewelry before you begin to clean your drains.

Since your hands will be coming into contact with certain substances and materials in the drain, it’s highly recommended that you wear high-quality leather or nitrile gloves. Any exposed skin should be covered before the task begins. If the chemicals you use soak through your clothing, remove the items immediately and clean the exposed area for 15-20 minutes.

Follow Any Instructions

If you’re attempting to use chemical drain cleaners, it’s essential that you follow the instructions to the letter. For instance, make sure you never squeeze the bottle. If you’re using an extremely powerful cleaner, the directions might advise you to only use a small amount.

When you put too much acid drain cleaner into a toilet bowl, the porcelain could crack, which is why you should take certain precautions. If the cleaner doesn’t get rid of the clog, it could also be stuck in the pipe, which might eventually cause damage and expose you to harmful chemicals.

Avoid Common Chemical Issues

In the event that you pour an acidic drain cleaner into a drain that consists of a caustic solution, it’s possible that a severe reaction. Before placing drain cleaner into a drain, make sure someone in your household hasn’t recently done the same.

Use Drain Snakes Correctly

If you opt for using a drain snake that’s operated electrically, read all safety instructions. This device is used near water, which increases the potential for an electric shock.

Don’t Combine Two or More Chemicals

Never combine two or more chemicals. If you’re unable to unclog your drain after multiple attempts with the same chemical, call a plumber.

You can safely avoid the risks that come with drain cleaning by calling a professional to handle this task for you. Our drain cleaning professionals offer efficient and long-lasting solutions that won’t damage the piping or cause additional problems. Get in touch with Carlson Plumbing today to schedule our professional drain cleaning services for your Fountain Valley, CA.

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