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4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Prevent Plumbing Disasters

It’s that time of year again. So along with thousands of other homeowners, your spring cleaning checklist is probably a mile long.

But while deep cleaning bathtubs, organizing closets and dusting bookshelves are all important, one aspect of home improvement that is often overlooked is plumbing maintenance. So to round out your to-do list, here are five spring cleaning tips to avoid plumbing nightmares.

1. Check Pipes and Valves for Water Leaks

While you’re getting down under your kitchen sink for cleaning supplies, take a few minutes to clear everything out and check for leaks. The shut-off valves for your hot and cold water often suffer from mineral deposits and corrosion over time that cause slow leaks under your sink.

Drain pipes can also develop leaks. So gently run your hand along those pipes and valves while the water is running to check for leaks. Then do the same for your bathroom sink drain pipes and valves.

2. Clean All Kitchen and Bathroom Drains

Professional drain cleaning should be an annual item on your to-do list. Some DIY drain cleaning methods can be useful – such as pouring hot water down the kitchen sink or removing shower drain plates and stoppers to pull out hair and soap scum. But there’s no substitute for professional drain cleaning once a year or more often, if needed.

3. Drain and Flush Water Heater Tank

Another item to add to your spring cleaning and home maintenance checklist is water heater maintenance. We recommend draining and flushing your water heater tank annually. This prevents too much sediment from building up at the bottom of the tank and making its way into your plumbing pipes and fixtures where they can cause more damage.

4. Look for Water Damage

This is also a good time to inspect your walls and ceilings for signs of water damage. Any leaky pipes inside your walls – even slow leaks that don’t seem to do much damage – can actually do massive damage over time, destroying drywall and causing mold infestations. The key is to find and fix plumbing leaks as soon as possible.

You should also check your front yard for signs of damaged sewer lines. Cracked sewer lines often get tree roots growing inside them which cause further damage and create major clogs.

If your sewer line is clogged, you could end up with slow drains and eventually raw sewage backing up and overflowing all the drains and toilets inside your home. That is a problem you never want to deal with, but it is totally preventable if you act at the first sign of a problem.

If you notice any signs of possible sewer line damage while doing your spring cleaning this year, contact Carlson Plumbing in Fountain Valley, CA immediately for sewer line repair services. Let’s fix that small leak before it turns into a massive plumbing disaster.

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