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4 Common Problems With Sewer Lines

Most homeowners only think about their sewer lines when they cannot carry out day-to-day activities as effortlessly as they used to. However, it’s helpful to know some common causes of sewer line problems so you can prevent potential problems. Here are four common causes of sewer line problems.

1. Tree Root Growth

Overgrown tree roots can lead to several sewer line problems. When rainfall is low, tree roots will search for water. This often leads them to sewer pipes, where they can damage the pipes and clog them. By so doing, tree roots contribute greatly to the damage to plumbing systems.

You can fix this problem by making sure you are not planting trees near your plumbing system. To do this, ensure you contact your local plumber so they can help you identify the exact location of all the aspects of your plumbing system.

2. Grease Deposits

Most homeowners usually allow grease to go down their kitchen sinks. However, this simple act can cause massive damage to sewer lines. The thing is, grease becomes solid once it cools off. This, in turn, leads to a clog capable of preventing water from draining. If ignored, built-up grease deposits can put undue stress on the lines. If this extra pressure causes a line you break, you may need a sewer line replacement.

One of the most reliable ways to prevent grease deposits from becoming a menace to your sewer lines is to not allow grease to go down your kitchen sink. You should also contact your local plumber to conduct a regular inspection. The plumber will check for clogs and help clear them.

3. Rusty Pipes

Rusty pipes are not good news to any homeowner. Pipes tend to rust over time. This can lead to all kinds of plumbing issues, including pipe erosion and leaks.

You should have a professional plumber to carry out pipe inspection and maintenance to detect potential problems early. This, in turn, helps extend the lifespan of your sewer line.

4. Heavy Rainfall

Although most sewer systems are designed to handle plenty of water at once, sometimes, too much rain overloads them, causing a sewage backup. This problem is most common during periods of heavy rainfall.

Unfortunately, sewer line issues resulting from heavy rainfalls are not the easiest to fix. However, that does not mean nothing can be done about the situation. You can still call a plumber to help create a proper drainage system. An improved drainage system should prevent rainwater from overloading your sewer lines.

It is crucial that homeowners identify common causes of sewer line problems early. Early detection can help prevent major plumbing issues from occurring. At Carlson Plumbing, we carry out professional sewer line replacements and repairs to help improve the daily lives of the residents of Fountain Valley, CA.

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