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Why Do You Need a Professional for a Gas Line Leak?

Many people are surprised to learn that a plumber is the professional who comes to repair gas line leaks. Plumbers do specialize in the problems of water lines and drains, but your gas line is also an area of expertise. Though there are things you can do to troubleshoot problems with your plumbing until a professional arrives to properly fix them, you shouldn’t mess around with your gas line. Even a tiny spark from a lighter, a match, or a faulty wire can cause an explosion. A plumber has the skills and equipment to repair whatever is wrong with your gas line.

How to Tell if You Have a Gas Line Leak

The most obvious way to tell if you have a gas line leak is if you smell gas. Interestingly, the gas that comes into your home is actually odorless, and a chemical has been added to it to give it that unmistakable smell.

Another sign that you have a gas leak is a hissing sound near an appliance that depends on gas heat. This includes your stove, clothes dryer, gas-powered furnace, and your hot water heater. You may also notice that the grass and other plants have started to die above the area where your gas line is buried. If there are puddles above the lines, you’ll see bubbling. Indeed, one way to check for a leak is to find a joint in your gas line, paint it with soapy water, and see if bubbles form.

You may also notice that you are using more gas than usual. Gas usage might go up at certain times of the year, but the spikes you’re seeing aren’t the norm.

Physical symptoms are another sign that you have a gas leak. You may start to feel nauseated or dizzy, and you may develop a headache. If the leak is bad enough, you or someone in your household may lose consciousness. These symptoms go away when you leave your home.

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Line Leak

If you believe that you have a gas line leak, you’ll need to open the doors and windows in your home. Don’t touch anything that can give off a spark, which includes light fixtures, devices that use batteries, and candles. Turn off all open flames, find your main gas valve, and turn it off. Don’t start your car, leave the house, and make sure everyone else gets out, including your pets. Make sure you all stand far enough away from the house so the leaking gas doesn’t affect you, then call the plumber and your gas company for emergency service.

Call Us Right Away if You Suspect a Gas Leak

A gas leak is an emergency and shouldn’t be ignored. If you suspect that there’s a leak in your gas line, leave your home and call our experienced plumbers at Carlson Plumbing of Fountain Valley, California as soon as possible.

Our team of licensed specialists are standing by to take your call!