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4 Reasons Winter Is a Good Time for Leak Detection Services

Preventive leak detection protects your home from water damage and your family from the associated health risks. The low and freezing temperatures make your pipes more susceptible to leaks. Freezing water stresses your pipes by expanding and causing cracking or bursting.

1. Freezing Water

Water may freeze when the temperature is low during winter and damage your pipes. Water that freezes in pipes expands and causes cracks or bursts that cause structural damage to your home. A preventive method during winter is to add insulation around your pipes.

Wet spots and puddles on your floor indicate a leaking pipe under your floorboards from the changing weather. Low water pressure while showering may mean less water is reaching the showerhead. Our plumbers will check for signs of water damage during leak detection services.

2. Water Heater Maintenance

Your family will probably take hot showers more often this winter, which stresses your water system. Don’t forget your hot water heater while thinking about leak detection services this winter. Sediment continuously builds inside the water tank the longer you go without draining your system.

Regularly drain your water heater to keep it running and free of sediments. Shut off the water and power to the water heater and let it cool before draining the tank and cleaning off the sediment. As a preventive measure, a water heater jacket can reduce the risk of water freezing during winter.

3. Compromised Water

Cracked or burst pipes happen more often during winter, which raises the chance of contamination. Soil can freeze and damage the outside of your pipes, and frozen water can damage the inside. Outside water can seep into your home and contaminate your plumbing if a pipe bursts or cracks.

The external water could bring debris into your home and put your family at risk. Turn off your water and open your faucets to help the ice melt if you suspect frozen water in your pipes. Insulation for your plumbing and leak detection are preemptive measures to keep your home safe during colder months.

4. Leaking Basement

Snow accumulates during winter, which causes the ground to freeze and damage your pipes. Leak detection services are imperative during winter because water seeps underground as the snow melts. The seeping snow can freeze pipes or get into your pipes through a crack.

Water leaking in your basement from melting snow or damaged pipes can cause major issues. The freezing and melting of the snow could crack bricks or even your foundation, so call a plumber immediately. Waterproofing and insulation can protect underground pipes from winter temperatures and lower the risks of a pipe bursting.

Snow accumulation and freezing water freezing are just some ways winter is harsh to your plumbing. Scheduling leak detection is part of good preventive maintenance during the colder months. If you need leak detection services in Fountain Valley, CA, call us at Carlson Plumbing to schedule an appointment today.

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