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Don’t Forget About Your Water Heater When Preparing for Holiday Gatherings

Ways to Prepare Your Hot Water Heater for Your Guests

Preparing to have an onslaught of guests during the holiday season means ensuring your house is spotless and prepared to host everyone. However, you likely have forgotten to ensure you prepare your water heater for your guests. Since more people will be using hot water in your home than usual, you must provide a water heater to handle the strain. To prepare your guest’s water heater, flush it out, insulate it well, check for rust and corrosion and have it inspected.

Flush Out Your Water Heater,

Sediment builds up in your water heater over time. Allowing too much residue to accumulate can prevent your heating element from adequately doing its job, and the pipes can become clogged. Call a plumber to ensure your water heater is flushed thoroughly and correctly.

Insulate Your Water Heater

When insulating your water heater and its associated pipes, using high-grade materials will ensure that heat will not escape. When heat remains inside the hot water tank and the lines, your water heater will not work as hard to keep the water at an optimal temperature. You can insulate your water heater with a specialized insulation blanket and the pipes that lead to your water heater with insulation foam. Trust in our specialists to winterize your water heater and lines, so you do not have to worry about them.

Check for Rust and Corrosion

Check your water heater for rust and corrosion. A leak is present if you see rust and corrosion anywhere on your water heater. You will need to contact a licensed plumber to make repairs so the leak will stop. Ignoring a water heater leak can be dangerous as your water heater will eventually burst.

Have Your Hot Water Heater Inspected

Finally, to ensure your water heater is prepared for your guests, have it inspected by a licensed plumber. The plumber will thoroughly check your water heater to ensure it performs optimally. If the plumber finds any problems, they will work with you to create a workable solution to guarantee your water heater can handle the strain of your guests.

Do not forget about your water heater when preparing to have guests in your home. Contact Carlson Plumbing to ensure your hot water has what it takes to do its job well. We proudly serve the Fountain Valley, CA area and surrounding communities and possess over 20 years of experience in our trade.

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