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Should You Have Your Sewer Line Inspected This Year?

Your sewer line is one of those vital home systems that you may not think about much because you can’t see it. Even when something goes wrong, the signs may be subtle or fleeting. You may experience an unusually tough clog or notice a bad smell now and then. But when a sewer line fails completely, the results can be catastrophic. It is a good idea to have a professional inspect it to find small problems before they balloon into large and expensive ones. Here are some reasons to opt for a sewer inspection.

You’re Buying or Selling a House

Though an inspection of the sewer line is usually not required when you buy a house, it will give you peace of mind to have one performed. If you’re selling your home, you may also order an inspection to give the new owner peace of mind or to avoid potential legal hassles if they find themselves stuck with a failing sewer line.

Your House Is Over 20 Years Old

You might also order an inspection if your house is over 20 years old, you have trees nearby, and you’ve had a new clean-out cap installed. A house that’s over 20 years old is of an age when problems with the sewer line may start to arise.

There Are Ongoing Problems With Your Plumbing

Signs that your sewer line may be in trouble include constant clogs that are tough to get rid of and return no matter what you do. You may also be aware of a sewer smell, have an especially lush patch of grass on your lawn, and find mold on your floors, walls, or ceiling due to humidity that comes from a broken pipe. A bad smell that accompanies mold is even more reason to suspect a broken sewer line.

Another reason to have your sewer line inspected is multiple drains that constantly back up. If only one backs up, the problem is probably limited to that one drain. Drains that back up often result when tree roots creep into the sewer line and block it. More signs of something wrong with the sewer line are a toilet that gurgles when you flush it, slow drains, cracks in your home’s foundation, sunken areas in the lawn, and sinking concrete areas such as your walkways or driveway. Vermin and the sight of raw sewage in the yard also indicate a failing sewer line.

Learn More About Sewer Line Inspection

During sewer line inspection, a licensed plumber uses a scope that inserts a camera into the sewer line. This camera can reveal any blockages or other problems in real time. This makes repairing any problem more efficient. To learn more, contact our team at Carlson Plumbing of Fountain Valley, CA.

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